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Culture and Management

Weed Control Tips
Here are numerous weed control related articles written by Wayne Mitchem, Regional Orchard and Vineyard Floor Management Specialist.

Bloom Stages
Images depecting bloom stages: Dormant, Swollen bud, Half-inch green, Pink, Bloom, Petal fall, and Fruit set (shucks on and off).

Critical Temps for Peach Flowers
Washington State

CU Home Gardner
Home and Garden Information Center (Clemson Extension). Information includes Landscape, Garden and Indoor Plants, Insects, Diseases and Other Problems, and food safety and preservation.

Drought Management
Drought Assistance for Tree Fruit Production (NC State) including apples, peaches, water conservation practices, irrigation systems, and water measurement.

Peach Growing Tips
Gorwing Peaches in North Carolina (NC State), Getting Started, Training and Pruning Peach Trees, Diseases and Insect Pests of Peaches, The 10-Point PTSL Management Program, Harvesting and Storage, as well as Sources of Additional Information

Training and Pruning Tips
Training and Pruning Fruit Trees (NC State), Pruning vs. Training, Dormant Pruning vs. Summer Pruning, Types of Pruning Cuts, Training Systems, Central Leader Training, and OpenCenter or Vase Training

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