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Johnsongrass and Bermudagrass
Control in Vineyards

Johnsongrass and bermudagrass are two perennial grass weeds that are extremely competitive with grape vines. Fusilade, Poast, and Select can be used to control johnsongrass, bermudagrass and other annual grass weeds. All three herbicides may be used in newly planted vineyards, however Fusilade and Select can not be applied within 1 year of harvest. Vineyards can be treated with Poast that are not within 50 days of harvest. None of these herbicides control broadleaf weeds, or nutsedge (nutgrass).

Best perennial grass weed control is achieved with timely, sequential applications to actively growing weeds. Treating grasses stressed from drought or mowing can result in less than desirable control. Weeds should be the appropriate size or growth stage (refer to table for maximum size to make initial application). Treating weeds at an inappropriate time (wrong size or growth stage) will result in less than desirable herbicide performance. It is critical that a second application be made when grass regrowth occurs after the initial application. One commonly asked question is "how long should I wait after the first application to apply the second application". The interval between applications will depend on weather conditions at application time and the period following it. Generally, the second application is applied 3 to 5 weeks after the initial application. However, DO NOT make the second application prior to regrowth. Doing so is no different than treating weeds stressed from drought or mowing. Adding crop oil concentrate to the spray solution will be necessary as well. For more detailed information on rates, crop oil, and weed size at application time, refer to the table below and manufacturer labels. Remember to read and follow all directions on herbicide label and calibrate herbicide application equipment.

Johnsongrass Bermudagrass

Stolon Length
Poast 1.5 fb
1.0 pt
Fusilade 1.5 fb
1.0 pt
Select 1.0 fb
0.5 pt

*Add crop oil concentrate at 1% v/v, refer to product label for details.

@Rates suggested for heavy weed pressure. Lower rates may be used where weed pressure is mild. See label for details.

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