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Touchdown 5 Herbicide is Changing

This fall there has been a considerable number of formulation changes for non-selective, burn down herbicides. The latest change impacts Touchdown 5 which was cleared several years ago for use in bearing tree fruit, as well as nut crops, and vineyards. Touchdown 5 contains sulfosate, a nearly identical molecule to glyphosate which is the active ingredient in Roundup UltraMax (the new Roundup formulation available in 2001). However, the Touchdown 5 formulation is changing. The new formulation is Touchdown (no 5 as with the old formulation) and is very similar to the Roundup Ultra (not the new formulation available in 2001, but the one available this past year) formulation that has been available for several years. According to manufacturer's literature, Touchdown contains 4 lbs./gal. of glyphosate rather than 5 lbs/gal. of sulfosate like Touchdown 5. In addition to the change in active ingredient and concentration, the new Touchdown formulation contains an adjuvant.

I suppose the easiest way to view the formulation change is to realize that the new Touchdown formulation will be used identically to the Roundup Ultra formulation that was available in 2000.

After going through the changes, the easiest way to look at the Touchdown formulation change is that the new Touchdown formulation will used identically to Roundup Ultra that has been available for the past several years.


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