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This long term project involves the evaluation and testing of commercially available cultivars and advanced selections of peach and nectarine for production suitability in South Carolina. Commercial cultivars are obtained annually from nurseries and breeding programs around the U.S. The trial examines both yellow and white flesh peaches and nectarines, most with melting but some with non-melting flesh, several low (or sub) acid types and also some niche (flat) types. In addition to peaches and nectarines at the Musser Farm location, there are a few apricots, plums, and interspecific Prunus hybrids also being evaluated. Clemson University peach website includes all evaluation information, variety descriptions and photos, when available. This project currently utilizes trial orchards at two different locations in the state: on-farm grower trial, established in January, 2005, at James E. Cooley Peach Farms, Inc. in Chesnee, SC; and new variety planting at Clemson University's Musser Fruit Research Farm.

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